Wednesday, 28 September 2011

78 days of kingston

These words are part of a story. A story of coming home, of leaving home. A story of continuing. A story of starting over again. A story of engagement in community. A story of passion. A story of relationships and those core values that keep up working in relationship. A story of purpose. A story of dreams and ambition. A story hopefully full of risk and joy and passion and abandonment.

I have no idea for how long I’ll call Kingston home this time, but until it is no longer home, it will be the place where I leave my mark, where I learn from others, where I let go of those inhabitations that I hold onto, the pride that I live with. It will be the city that I get to re-explore.

I always remember leaving waterloo after five years, the first city that I called home that wasn't home. I remember going back to the city to visit friends and campus. I remember the difference. I remember relearning a place that was so familiar to me. I remember thinking about how quickly things change, but how at the same time some things stay the same.  Similarly, I remember leaving Kingston because my heart beat for change and for a new adventure. I am now reflecting on coming back again to a place that was home to me for three years.

I am reflecting on how in the last 78 days I have bought my first place in a matter of 20 days. Started a new job with new responsibilities. Re-connected with friends and community. Welcomed new community. Have paid more money for everything because of provincial taxes and in essence left the west coast of this breathtaking country, a place that allowed me to live in some of the most beautiful scenery of the world with people who have forever changed me.

In this time as well I’ve joined a curling league, started my application to volunteer with local marginalized youth, signed up for a night class, set a goal to complete a triathlon (I just need to learn how to run), volunteered with a local campaign, attended the Kingston writers fest where out of my desire to get a ticket met some people with whom I will volunteer, attended community events where I’ve made connections that will last a lifetime. I’ve picked up my camera and have tried to capture life amongst the limestone in the last 78 days.

So the posts that will come here after will be honest, hopefully thought-provoking, funny, deep, passionate and real life. You are welcome to come along with me, to continue along in this beautiful, unknown, rich story right here, right now amongst the limestone

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