Tuesday, 5 June 2012

we stand on guard.........

dear Canada, 

I know that we are less than a month away from your birthday and I just wanted to take a moment  to let you know that you have been very close to my heart in the last days. I feel as if you are tired. You shouldn't feel offended by this statement at all, for I know your determination, I know your conquering spirit, I know you ability to stay the course, I know of you commitment to press on. I just wanted you to know that you don't have to have it all together right in this moment. I wanted to let you know that there are many of us who are starting to take note of how you are feeling and are starting to find ways to stand up for you, to do some of the work that you need us to do for you. 

while i'm not a big birthday girl, i love celebrating others and July 1st is one of my most favourite days to celebrate  (you should know as you've seen me in my red and white dress -without embarrassment) for it is a time to find those things that make one uniquely them. those traits and qualities that separate them from all others. 

I've been reflecting on those traits that you posses in the last month and more specifically in the last days. i know that it hasn't been easy having to get up each day not even knowing what to expect--having to use all of your energy and time to deal with un-truth and scheming, having to deal with people whom you thought would act with the highest regard for your character. 

I wanted you to know now and not in a month from now what you mean to me and that I'm not going to let you stand on your own. You have afforded me the greatest opportunities a little girl could dream up. The freedom to run barefoot on red sandy beaches. The freedom to climb up glaciers to summits of views un-definable. The freedom to sweep my paddle though pristine lakes while nature serenades me.  You have given me access to education, to inquiry and research and reflection. You have given me access to culture, to learning from my elders, from our elders. You have given me road trips and adventures; moments to hear stories of regions and areas that I may never live. You have given me time to celebrate, to wear red and white with pride. You have given me courage, to speak for those who at times can't speak for themselves. You have given me time to consider peace and how we can work to contribute to keeping peace. You have given me a place that I call home. 

I want you to know that I am more resolved in my heart than I have ever been to find ways, creative, captivating, courageous ways to stand up for you, to stand on guard for you so that we may continue to SEE THEE RISE. 

so my beloved Canada, know that while you may be tired, many of us are not, in fact with our GLOWING HEARTS we are fired up committed to standing on guard for you.